How Are Vertical Jigs /Metal Jigs Produced?

Here we’d like to share with you the production procedures of vertical jigging lures:

  1. The metal jig blank is firstly cast in the lead-antimony alloy. It contains around 12% antimony, to make sure its high strength and fewer impurities.
  2. Polish and wash the blank several times to remove any extra impurities.
  3. Apply base paintings three times to get a smooth surface.
  4. In-production inspection: inspect and discard those with many impurities or bubbles.
  5. Do the hot stamping. Meanwhile, get rid of unqualified ones.
  6. Paint the color patterns.
  7. Cover the jigs with UV Varnish.
  8. Sent these vertical jigging lures into the oven to have the varnish dried and reinforce the adhesion of the foil stamping paper.
  9. Glue the 3D holographic eyes.
  10. Print the weights to get them well distinguished.
  11. After-production inspection: Discard lures with bad painting or chips.
  12. Pack and package all-qualified vertical jigs.

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